Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Free Website Traffic - 5 Unorthodox Strategies For Generating Unstoppable Free Traffic

One should hold that getting traffic is one the cardinal activities in Internet marketing. And getting free traffic by the truckloads is a forerunner to success. Here are 5 irregular schemes for sending volumes of traffic your way:

1. Digg

Digg is a popular societal bookmarking semen networking land site where people tag their favourite sites. Visitors can 'digg' your land land site if they like it or 'bury' your site if they don't. The more than than 'diggs' you have, the more traffic you will get. You can post up one of your articles on your blog or website. Be certain to compose a compelling statute title to pull more than visitors.

2. Yokel Answers

Yahoo Answers can be used to bring forth traffic simply by posting helpful answers to inquiries and linking back to your website in your resource link. You can also post up just a subdivision of your article, and readers will have got to acquire the remainder of it by clicking through to your site. This is a great manner to acquire tons of free traffic!

3. Freeware

Create your ain software system and administer it for free at Download.com. You can engage a programmer at Guru.com to make a simple toolbar for you that users can download. On the toolbar, you can set a nexus back to your site.

4. Squidoo

A Squidoo lens system is very much like a blog, except it have more than advanced characteristics that volition let you to instantly stop up in affiliate golf course from Amazon and Ebay. It's easy to put up a Squidoo lens, and if you take the right keywords, you can acquire your land site up there in the hunt engine rankings in no time.

5. Slideshare

Slideshare is a Powerpoint sharing land site where users can share their Powerpoint slides. Many sellers haven't yet caught on the powerful selling potentiality of this site. You can make a simple Powerpoint tutorial, tag it with the right keywords, and acquire rich amounts of traffic.