Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nature is such a wonderful thing!

I love nature.
I always enjoyed a walk through a forest,altough walking through a park never gave me the same feeling. When I am in a forrest I feel like I am far away from civilization and I am free. And in those momens I don't need anything. I don't feel dependent of technology, actually I find it useless. Just a waste of resources and another way of pollution.
I love the peace and quiet from a forest. Hearing nothing else but birds and the sounds of leaves moving when the wind blows.. It makes me forget all my worries, all my problems, all my thoughts, it is just me and the nature, or maybe it is just the nature and I am a part of it.
But then I go home. And I am back using my computer, my cellphone.. Back to civilisation, continuously consuming and destroying nature! I am thinking of giving something back, maybe planting a couple of trees. I know I won't save the planet by doing that but at least I will know that destroying was not all I did in my life.


Anonymous said...

isn't this post written by me?...

Anonymous said...

and why would you leave the blog's name alienatu? :))