Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Affiliate Marketing Ideas that Will Skyrocket Your Income

Making money from affiliate programs can be a lot more difficult than some people make it out to be. The dollars roll in like... like... well, a lot like molasses. But there are quite a few people quietly making tens of thousands per month and not broadcasting it or hyping up some new product with "screenshots" of Commission Junction checks. How do they do it? How do you get past the mediocrity that 99% of affiliate marketers end up being? Some of the most successful, so-called "super affiliates" have a few things in common.

One of the biggest is that they market in a terrific niche. I see over and over again people designing affiliate sites on "fitness equipment" and "online games" and "candles." Good work, and some good ideas, but the money probably won't flow well in niches like these.


Two reasons. One, you have to find a niche where people are spending money regularly and consistently on related products. And two, the products within this niche must be easy for people to buy online.

And what do I mean by "easy to buy online?" I mean put yourself in your potential visitor's shoes. You see a site giving you great information on a particular kind of elliptical machine. You find the site full of great tips and suggestions for exercise plans and such, and you agree that this machine would be great for you. Now, do you buy this machine from the suggested online fitness store? Or do you think it will be easier to run down to your local sporting goods store and just pick it up tonight, and not pay any shipping price on it? And that way you even get to really put your hands on it and try it out to see if you like it first...

There are some products that just don't work well online. Or more accurately, just don't flow that well online. A lot of product searches found in the keyword research tools are just info-seekers. They want to know things about a product before actually going to their store and buying it.

So, in short, find a niche that you know is full of "money." Then, using a combination of your brain and your Internet researching abilites, see if the products in this niche are popular to purchase ON THE INTERNET. Stay away from furniture and fitness equipment and shoes and clothes and... you get the idea. Once you do this, you'll be halfway there. The next step is to produce a site that has a certain "quality" to it that gets visitors to love it and the search engines to follow suit.

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