Sunday, June 24, 2007

Why Would Advanced Website Traffic Tactics Sucks?

Yes. You heard that right. Advanced website traffic tactics sucks because some viewed advanced as being expensive and hard to learn and apply.

But what if I told you that you can make a win-win situation once you can make it low cost? Yes, by using low cost advanced website traffic tactics and you are going to be enjoying the spoils of war for success.

So have you got any idea what these low cost advanced website traffic tactics are? You will be surprised at what you are about to discover that you can apply some of these tactics without having to spend a single dime!

1. Article Writing

Write an article, include your link in your resource box, and submit it to ezine directories to attract targeted traffic. Simple? Well, don't stop at only one site, make sure you get your site exposed anywhere and everywhere possible! Who knows how much sales this low cost advanced website traffic tactic will bring!

2. Links Exchange

Never underrate the power of link exchange. Most often, people overlook this effective low cost advanced website traffic tactic. How do you perform an effective link exchange? Simple. Type in your keywords into any major search engine and visit every one of the top results and contact the website owners for the link exchange.

3. Forum Interaction

This is an effective but subtle advanced website traffic tactic. You just look for forums related to your business and interact with the forum people. Make friends with them and let them know about your website. Most important thing of all, this does not cost you anything at all!

4. Advanced Website Traffic Tools

There are lots of marketing tools lying around the internet. Some are free and some are paid. Most of the time, you will need software to automate the process so that the rest of the marketing job will be easy!

5. Meta Tags Booster

Search engines love these meta tags that are inside your site as they place them in their results page. This seemingly simple act of inserting a few meta tags in your HTML code is actually a very effective advanced website traffic tactic. Plus it's low cost!

6. Directories Submission

Make sure your website is directories worthy – meaning that it must not be poorly done. After that, keep submitting your website to tons of directories like there's no tomorrow!

7. Get Your Surveys

Go to a similar site and tell them you have a survey that they can answer. Both their sites and yours will benefit.

There are plenty of websites out there that specializes in low cost advanced website traffic tactics. You can just search for them online through search engines. Apply these tactics and see your traffic skyrocket!

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